We want your experience to be positive and empowering
from your first contact with our office staff.


Vision: To become the leading brain imaging center for Alzheimer’s and dementia. 
MissionThe mission of MindGenesis is to provide industry leading innovative brain imaging. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing clarity for life planning, excellent personalized service, compassion, and hope for our clients and their families. 
Expertise - We are the brain imaging industry leaders with extensive knowledge and abilities resulting from rigorous training, education, and experience. 
Integrity - We demand the highest standards of professional care and duty in the service of our clients. 
Family – Alzheimer’s touches everyone in the family. Each member has a stake in the welfare of those who face the concerns of dementia. We understand the anxiety family members can experience and help them to work through their concerns with loved ones. 
Clarity - We strive to provide clients with the imaging results that clarify their concerns and provide them with the knowledge they need to address their life plan. 
Hope - Knowledge provides options and potential treatment lends itself to hope.

The true benefits of a service such as this are only realized when the caliber of human skill is equal to that of technological resources. MindGenesis integrates the best of both.

Our Team

We want your experience to be positive and empowering from your first contact with our office staff. A registered nurse facilitator will be available to answer your questions, either by phone or email. Once you are here, our medical personnel help assure you are comfortable and informed throughout the scan.

Your PET-CT scan images will be read first by Health Images, a leading local board certified radiology team. In addition, a second over read is done at University of California Alzheimer's Disease Center. That program is led by Daniel Silverman, MD, PhD, a pioneer in the use of PET scan in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. (Click here for full bio.)

When the results of your scan are available, you will receive the report from another valued member of the MindGenesis™ team, our consulting specialist. So, in effect, you are receiving three medical opinions within a few days of your scan.

Daniel H. Silverman, MD, PhDDaniel H. Silverman, MD, PhD

  • Head of Neuronuclear Imaging Section, Ahmanson Biological Division
  • UCLA Medical Center
  • Associate Director, UCLA Alzheimer’s Disease Center Imaging Core
  • Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
  • Dr. Silverman earned his MD from the Ohio State University of Medicine, completed post-doctoral training at UCLA, and obtained his PhD in Biological Chemistry at Harvard University. He holds certifications from both the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine.


Our Technology

The PET/CT scanner at MindGenesis™ is state-of-the-art: the Philips Gemini GXL. It was chosen for its advanced technology, as well as the speed with which it produces the superior images required for accurate diagnosis. Compared to similar technology of a few years ago, it is more than twice as fast… yielding a full brain scan in less than 15 minutes. This means the entire imaging procedure—from injection of the radiopharmaceutical through completion—requires just slightly over an hour.

But we had another reason for choosing this scanner. its open architecture. Compared with other imaging devices, MindGenesis'™ PET/CT scanner's open architecture allows for greater comfort, especially for those who experience claustrophobia. Couple that with the room, itself—full wall windows offering an amazing view of the Rockies—and the client experience is all the more peaceful. Video: What is a PET Scan?

A PET Scan with a View

MindGenesis PET/CT Scanner - Philips Gemini GXL

MindGenesis™ is also the first imaging center in the region to offer the diagnostic enhancement software known as NeuroQ. It provides radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians a higher level of diagnostic confidence as they review brain scans. NeuroQ is the leading quantification software in the United States for the diagnosis of dementia per Dr. Daniel Silverman, Director Neuronuclear Medicine, UCLA. Video: What is NeuroQ?

This combination of human capability and advanced technology assures you accuracy, timeliness and full confidence that you have the knowledge you need to move forward.